Cedar’s work in May at the Village Smithy

Back wall in the Village Smithy Restaurant

My work is in Carbondale, CO at the Village Smithy Restaurant, 3rd and Main, during the month of May. If you’re in Carbondale, grab a bite to eat from 7-2 and check out my paintings. Its a pretty setting and very vital and happening. And the baked goods are yummy!

This is the main wall in the Village Smithy Restaurant.


Plein Air painting in Cerrillos, NM

Plein Air near Cerrillos, NM

Plein Air near Cerrillos, NM

Its been a while since I posted anything as I have been in Cerrillos for a few weeks and then back up in Paonia again.

I did a little plein air painting while I was in New Mexico. Most of the time it was typical spring weather, which means windy and dirt storms. The sunny calm days brought out the gnats. So painting was a challenge but I did go out in all that.

Plein Air near Cerrillos, NM

Plein Air near Cerrillos, NM

Plein Air near Cerrillos, NM

Plein Air near Cerrillos, NM

Plein Air near Cerrillos, NM

Plein Air near Cerrillos, NM

I enjoyed the calm and wind-less days and found there was so much subject matter to paint that I was out a lot.

Plein Air near Cerrillos, NM

Plein Air near Cerrillos, NM

I got a couple paintings that turned out well and a few more that will be great help when I paint bigger ones of the same subject in the studio.

But I’m glad I’m home! I missed my studio.

Post Surgery painting #2

Monument Valley Juniper

Tiny painting from a photo take by my friend, Sue McKelvy. 5″ x 7″

I attempted to paint again, about 10 weeks after my shoulder surgery. The first painting (See Post Surgery Painting,  April 6, 2016) I did turned out well so I thought I’d give it another go.  This time I used an image my friend, Sue McKelvy, had taken on a trip she and her husband took to Monument Valley. They rode their horses around (with a guide) for over a week and took lots of great images home. I liked the juniper tree and the angle of the slope it is growing on.

I used a very tiny canvas, 5″ x 7″, as I didn’t want to go too big and tire out my shoulder and arm. I did feel a bit constrained by the small size but it was a good exercise. I practiced remembering composition, value and color techniques. I was afraid the things that had become second nature to me were lost in the fuzzy recesses of my brain. But those artistic skills are still there, whew!

After I did this painting, my arm was so tired and my shoulder was aching. I had to do nothing for the next day and recuperate. But I’m glad I did it and won’t stop now!!!

Outside Painting this summer!

Grand Mesa Visitor Center

“Grand Mesa Visitor Center”, Oil, 9″ x 12″

I’ve been doing a lot of plein air painting  this summer.  Despite the rain and mosquitoes in my surrounding areas, I have gotten out a lot. I also took a couple great workshops this summer.

Here is our instructor, Dave Santillanes, helping a student. We took an exciting drive up Mt. Evans and painted for a good part of the day. Later, back at the Evergreen Fine Arts Gallery, we had critiques and a demo by Dave. I recommend his workshops as he was super helpful, instructive and also a real down to earth kinda guy.

Dave Santillanes & Student

Dave teaching us up on Mt. Evans

Yellow Rock

“Yellow Rock”, Oil, 11″ x 14″

I did this one in Dave’s workshop. We were standing on the edge of a cliff about 1000+ feet high. Dave commented “Wow Cedar, that is a really yellow rock” I mentioned he told us not to use white. He started laughing and said he never told us that. All around from the woods lots of voices piped up saying “yes you did!” Well, he did say that if we used white, to warm it up with yellow. I guess I wasn’t paying that close attention but I did get a yellow rock painting and its not half bad.

So now its fall and the Super Blood Lunar Eclipse Moon. Stay tuned for more paintings as I am about to go into a retreat and paint, paint, paint!


Gallery Representation

Its official, two of my oil paintings are in the Glennie Coombe Gallery in Paonia, CO. I am happy to be represented by Susie & John Coombe in their lovely gallery along with other fine artists. If you are in Paonia, stop by the gallery on Grand Ave and 3rd, right next door to the ice cream parlor.

Here are the paintings that are in the gallery:

Crawford Sage

Crawford Sage, Oil, 6″ x 6″

Summer Box Elders

Summer Box Elders, Oil, 6″ x 6″

Its been a while since I’ve had my work in a fine art gallery and I am looking forward to a great relationship with the Coombes and many sales and happy patrons.

Trees in a desert environment

I love trees, there is no doubt about it. I am a tree hug-er, literally! I must admit I do get a lot of sap and needles on me but that goes well with the oil paint, horse snot and dog fur already on my clothes. I am always impressed when I see trees growing in the desert. Its a tough environment and the trees are equally tough to live there. Their adaptations are laudable.

Utah piñon tree

Utah piñon tree

When I was camping in Utah last weekend, there were lots of trees around us. Piñon and Juniper were the main species. Juniper are one of my favorite trees with Piñon coming in second, so I was content. I painted a couple of really informative plein air paintings of one juniper. The first one I did in an hour, the second one I did in 20 minutes. The short times were to get me to glean the important information I wanted and put it on the canvas fast. I didn’t think about any side details or worry about minutia. Just getting the impression of the moment was the goal of these paintings.

Piñon at 10 a.m. plein air oil painting, 8" x 6"

Piñon at 10 a.m. plein air oil painting, 8″ x 6″

Pinon At Noon, plein air oil painting, 8" x 6"

Pinon At Noon, plein air oil painting, 8″ x 6″

With the information I got outside, I came home this week and painted another tree. I did it from a photo and in the studio but I still felt like I was out on the flats. I referred to the 2 tree paintings to get information I included in the bigger studio painting. I believe it worked. I call it McKay Flats Juniper.

McKay Flats Juniper, 14" x 18" oil painting

McKay Flats Juniper, 14″ x 18″ oil painting

You can view and bid on these 3 paintings on my Daily Paintworks gallery. More work is at my FASO website, cedarkeshet.com.