Working on getting it down….

Cedar painting  in the snow in Cerrillos

Cedar painting in the snow in Cerrillos

I’m working on painting where ever I go. I went camping at Palo Duro canyon in texas. Not my favorite spot but I did attempt to paint there. I am also in Cerrillos, New Mexico visiting for a while and have been painting here a lot.

I am resolved to paint cholla cacti and have them look alright. The paintings have been turning out pretty lousy. I was really disappointed about that. But I’ve been keeping at it and finally I’ve had a break through. Today I did a cholla cactus painting that I don’t want to set on fire in the wood stove. Practice makes perfect, or at least tolerable. So I plan to work at it until I am really comfortable painting those spiny plants.

Early Morning Cholla

Early Morning Cholla, Oil, 9″ x12″, plein air