Plein air backyard

Foley and I (with human & critter friends) went for a long ride with the dogs today. It was so beautiful when I got back home I sat outside in the yard for a plein air session. Foley was in a stupor in the equine pen, the dogs were passed out in the shade and no one was bothering me! I don’t have any chickens this year but the coop is still interesting. A big hop vine is growing up the fence right  next to it and reaching its tendrils for the coop and the junipers growing nearby.
I wanted to get the sunny afternoon light and the way the coop perches on the hilly ground in the back of my yard. This painting is going up for auction at today. Check it out, its pretty nice!

Chicken Coop and Hops vine, 12" x 9" oil painting

Chicken Coop and Hops vine, 12″ x 9″ oil painting