Another Hazard of Painting: Dog Encounter Incidents

Tova & Guinness in the Studio

Tova & Guinness in the Studio.

When I am painting, I like to step back from the easel to view my work periodically. I just step backwards and see what I have done from a different perspective. Sometimes my dog – or in this case 4 dogs at my retreat – like to lay right behind my feet. I am facing the easel. They are laying behind me and I don’t see them. So we have encounters. At best, I usually catch myself before I come crashing down on top of one or several of them.

Khaki Guinness Studio

Khaki & Guinness in the Studio.

But there are those occasions where I step on a paw or tail and a loud yelp ensues. I feel bad, the injured dog (both foot and feelings) feels bad. I feel a lot worse when I don’t catch myself and splat out on the floor.

So there are some work related hazards to painting. The every day person may not realize that the work and life of an artist can be so risky. One must always be vigilant to the canine hazards that lurk right behind your feet!