DIY Workshop “How to See Color and Paint it” by Arthur Stern, installment 5

In this series my goal is to refine my eye and brain to get along to see color and not be taken by what my left side of my brain tells me. Recalling “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain” by Edwards, I remember that my left side, the logical side, tells me that all eggs are white, all crows are black. But the right side, the artistic side, tells me that the egg is multi colored, dependent on the shadows, reflected light, etc. And the crow can be blue black or even have golden highlights in its eye. Reconciling these thought patterns is always a stumbling block that sometimes succumbs even the most seasoned artist. This DIY workshop of mine has really helped drive that notion home.

This is the set up for the metal pan.

This is the set up for the metal pan.

Today I painted a little metal pan. Boring to be sure and not my idea of a stimulating morning in the studio. But I persevered and made myself sit down and get out the paints. I think my biggest annoyance is using a palette knife to paint with. Mine are old, worn out and large. I keep seeing small patches of color and have a hard time placing the paint properly. Stern states the reason for a palette knife is to place sections of color next to each other and not blend paint. That way you can really see the different colors and learn from their relationships to each other. I was surprised how easy the metal was to paint. I wasn’t really worried about having a problem painting that but it was a snap to get it to look “real”. I also have found that my realistic impressionism style is being challenged to get put away for a while during my workshop.

This is the completed metal pan painting.

This is the completed metal pan painting.


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