Plein Air Meeker 2016

Me and my Strada mini easel!

Me and my Strada mini easel!

Who would have thought I would so serendipitously  run into a Plein Air event in Meeker, CO? I sure didn’t but was glad to find it. This week Allen and I went to Meeker so I could do some Plein Air painting and he could do a ride. He had read about an easy 30 mile uphill from Meeker to Buford, CO. The elevation gain wasn’t too bad, he said, only about 2700 feet in 30 miles. He said the easiest part would be the 30 mile return downhill trip. I have never put “easy” and “30 mile uphill” in the same sentence but some of us are more hard-core than others….

We stopped at the Meeker Chamber of Commerce for some insight as what to do and I found the brochure for the Plein Air Meeker 2016. I happened to land right in the time to register and paint. I was also planning on meeting a few other artists from the Western Slope PAAC group. I got a couple canvases stamped and we headed out to our campsite about 30 miles away in the White River National Forest at the North Fork campgrounds.

I started a painting at our campsite but as I was almost done, the rain came, forcing me to jump inside the cab of the truck and finish up. The next day dawned bright and hazy so we headed for town and Allen started on his ride and I met with other artists along the White River. I set up under a spacious pavilion with a couple other artists even though the skies looked relatively dry.

Others painting at Circle Park

Others painting at Circle Park

My plein air assistant and set-up

My plein air assistant and set-up

I finished up a painting just as the lightening and thunder started. So I packed up and headed out of town to find Allen. I had visions of him being pelted by lightening and hail. I saw him about 3 miles out of town and pulled over. He was just a bit soaked. I held the umbrella over us as he strapped his bike to the back of the truck. It was raining and hailing on us fiercely. I’m glad I found him when I did! He managed to ride 61 miles and was in good spirits.

"Looking up the White River Valley" Oil, 9" x12", $150

“Looking up the White River Valley” Oil, 9″ x12″, $150

I turned in the above painting after the rain let up to the Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to Trudy for all her help. Also, thanks to Gary another PAAC painter who helped me get the painting framed and ready to go. I am happy with the results and hope it sells and makes someone happy.


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