Post Surgery Painting

Earlier this year I had a shoulder surgery to repair a torn biceps tendon as well as my rotator cuff. Ever since mid-January, I’ve been unable to do much in the studio. To be honest, I’ve been unable to do much of anything for a couple months after surgery. After recuperating and starting physical therapy, I’ve been able to do a lot more. I finally got into the studio this week and was able to do a little oil painting.

Value Study of Mt Lamborn

This is a monochromatic value study of Mt Lamborn, near my house.

For my first exercise back into things, I did a small value painting (also called monochromatic painting). I thought it was a good idea to revisit the things I’ve learned to get my muscle memory to come back. I can’t say it was easy because it was difficult to hold the brush and also hold my arm up for any length of time. I had a nerve block in my neck to help with pain control and one of the side effects is some nerve damage. Which can be overcome as the nerves are busy re-routing themselves. Every day I feel a bit more control is returning to my fingers and hand. My wrist still feels like I sprained it similar to when you slip and fall ice skating. My arm muscles are protesting and I know I still am not supposed to use them very much.

Next week I am going to the Plein Air Magazine’s Plein Air Convention in Tuscon with my artist friend, Susan McKelvy. I feel strong enough to participate in several days of plein air painting and workshops with some of the leading painters around. I am just not sure my skills are back up to par with where they were before my surgery. I’ll report back……


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