Painting in Cerrillos, NM

Raven oil

Raven, oil, 5″ x 7″

I am spending a bit of time in Cerrillos, NM. I have been painting inside the house because its been cloudy, windy and raining. There are a few big dead cottonwood trees in the yard alongside the Galisteo River where the ravens hang out.  The other day the ravens were fluffed up as it was very cold. That didn’t stop them from being bossy and cawing to let us know who was in charge. I love they way they act and the way their shapes are so streamlined. I had to paint one of those birds! Its amazing they didn’t blow away in that strong winds and rain.

And then the snow started. So I waited until the snow stopped and went outside to paint.

Cedar painting outside the house.

Cedar painting outside the house.

Its nice to be in the sunshine, even it its a bit cold. I have my winter outer wear on and have my assistants, my dog Tova, and the neighbor’s big dog, Kernel.  All is good.


2 thoughts on “Painting in Cerrillos, NM

  1. Raven does exhibit all the proper characteristics of his breed. Outside painting is a test of fortitude at this time of year unless there is an unseasonable warm up. Nothing like that in our forecast so I’m continuing to paint in the Studio. Sue


    • Thanks for your comments, Sue. I did eventually move inside as it got windy and cold later in the day. I’m glad I had my snow pants, boots and polypro long underwear! If I can’t ride outside in winter, I guess I’ll paint!


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