Retreat Panic

Monument Valley Arroyo

Monument Valley Arroyo, Oil, 11″ x 14″

I’m on retreat and have a been busy painting. I’m staying at a place that has a GREAT studio and I can use the space when ever I want. That is great. However, Today I Remembered!!! I have a show, allegedly, coming up sometime soon. I realize I need to contact my local art center to verify this. There was a problem with the other two artists backing out and its all up in the air. If I have a one-woman show I’m going to be in a PANIC.

Looking down on Coal Creek

Looking down on Coal Creek, oil 18″ x 24″

I know I’ll be able to get enough paintings done, framed and ready. Its just that I seem to find something to be stressed about even if there is nothing really worth the effort. I know I’ll have a good time getting this together. I have all the things I need, except maybe more paint.

Lair of the Bear path

Lair of the Bear path, Oil 14″ x 18″

As I have done a number of paintings while I have been here, plus have a garage sale, visit with my friends and spend a few days doing nothing (well at outward appearance it was nothing, but it was recharging my batteries), I know I can get things rolling and paint, paint, paint!

Now to find some one to frame and market my work……..


A Month on Retreat

Morning Walk

Morning Walk, Oil, 11″ x 14″

This month I am on retreat at my friends house in the mountains on the Front Range. I’m about an hour from Denver and don’t feel like going into the hub bub of civilization if I can avoid it. I am house/dog/horse/cat sitting for them while they are on a family vacation. As you can see from the above painting, I take the dogs for a walk on a very scenic road every morning.

I am painting, both in the studio and plein air. The following painting is the plein air study for the one that follows. I went to Morrison with my friend before she left and met up with her plein air painting pals on a warm Sunday morning.

Study for Bear Meadow

Study for Bear Meadow, Oil, 8″ x 10″     

Plein Air in Bear Meadow

Plein Air in Bear Meadow, Oil, 11″ x 14″

I also used this time to refine other plein air studies I did near my home in Paonia. This one is of the confluence of the North Fork and the Gunnison Rivers at a place named the Pleasure Park. Odd name for a riparian area in a desert environment but its a nice place to paint as well as a Gold Medal Stream for fishing.

Confluence Cliffs

Confluence Cliffs, Oil 9″ x 12″

I am still here for a little while longer, so I hope to be productive and creative. I always enjoy myself, especially while painting.