Horses, horses, horses!

I LOVE horses. Mules are pretty lovable, too. I love painting horses, drawing horses, riding horses, mucking after horses, feeding horses, kissing horses, grooming horses. I’m horse crazy.  I’ve sketched my mule but a painting is coming soon. Because I love equines so much, I thought it would be appropriate to post a few paintings I’ve done with them as subjects.

Sheep Wintering Ground Ride, 11" x 14" oil painting

Sheep Wintering Ground Ride, 11″ x 14″ oil painting

This painting documents when I went with my friends DeWitt and Roy and another guy, Don, for a ride on Fruitland Mesa out in Crawford. Don road a mule, the rest of us were on horses. It was cold and dry. We rode through some BLM land where sheep are wintered. PU is all I can say, it smelled like the camels at the zoo. And there weren’t even any sheep around.

Elane and Nick, 11" x 14" oil painting

Elane and Nick, 11″ x 14″ oil painting

This painting has my friend Elane and her Haflinger, Nick as subjects. We rode in Escalante Canyon two springs ago and it was very hot. I remember how bright and toasty it was and wanted to get that feeling across in my painting. Nick is a big moocher and is always sneaking a nibble of something whenever he can.

Saddle and Shade, 6" x 6" oil painting

Saddle and Shade, 6″ x 6″ oil painting

This is my friend Michele’s horse McClintock, well his rear end anyway. We went for a Mother’s Day ride on the rim of Escalante Canyon with a few other women and lots of dogs. I think the dogs outnumbered horses and humans. It was a warm day and the horses were squeezing into any available shade under the juniper trees.

Did You Say Hay? 12" x 9" oil painting

Did You Say Hay? 12″ x 9″ oil painting

This is my friend DeWitt’s horse Hank. He is a Missouri Fox Trotter that DeWitt rescued and rehabilitated. Hank had foundered and was near death’s door. But with corrective shoeing, conscientious diet and exercise, Hank is in good shape. He still wants to eat all the time. His biggest fan is Marla who says Hank has the “eye” he gives to people. I tried to get that look and I think I succeeded.

Me and Foley at a show last year. We got 5th in halter.

Me and Foley at a show last year. We got 5th in halter.

And here is me with my pal Foley. That was when he wasn’t so fat, but so far this summer he has lost about 30 pounds of the winter blubber he put on when he was out on pasture. 200 to go….

Did I mention I love equines?