Hazards of Plein Air Painting: #2, Sloth

The dictionary defines sloth as: “reluctance to work or make an effort; laziness.” That would define my reluctance to paint en plein air these past few weeks. I’ve been working fast and furious in the studio but going outside has met the brakes. Something about going outside to paint when the view is as it is below that intimidates me.

Bad weather out west!

Bad weather out west!

Of course, there are breaks in the weather but lately its been just an hour or two in the afternoon. And then I clean up and saddle the mule and head out for a fast ride. I still get soaked and high tail it for home when the lightening and thunder start up. Our PAAC paint out at Needle Rock in Crawford was canceled because it had snowed/sleeted over night and had turned to rain that day. Funny how cold winter weather, with snow on the ground does not keep me indoors, but the rain, hail, thunder and lightening will!

Foley and Mary mowing the lawn.

Foley and Mary mowing the lawn.

I do have a couple of great models in my yard to do some sketches of and I can watch them out the window without encouraging them to come nibble on my sketch pad.

But en Plein Air will have to wait for less cold and damp weather.


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