Windy Spring in Western Colorado

Nothing says “spring” more in Western Colorado than clear, crisp mornings and windy, dusty afternoons. The other week I went out painting with another artist at the reservoir near Eckert, CO. The early morning required a coat and hat but by 11 or so the weather was perfect! My canine assistant has figured out where to park herself out of the sun yet close enough to not miss anything! I got a good small painting in of the shore where lots of white salt buildup made a dramatic contrast to the dark water. When the wind started coming up, we bungee-ed our stuff down but it got so strong we decided to move our painting location to somewhere more sheltered.

A lovely morning en plein air

A lovely morning en plein air

We drove a few miles west and went down into some interesting farm land set between “adobe” hills. I recently learned they were composed of different kinds of Mancos Shale. The regular gray shale was obvious to me but I didn’t know the yellow shale is called Mancos Blonde and composed of pyrite. No wonder its so pretty!

Painting some sage and chamisa.

Painting some sage and chamisa.

Most people don’t seem to be that impressed with the area, but I am in love with the contrast of the landforms and the hardy plants and critters that live there. I look at the photos and see drab images with little contrast. But when I’m there, WOW, I see colors and amazing vistas. Glad I am an artist and can paint those images so I can share them with others!



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