Changing is not easy

I know my style of painting is changing because my way of feeling and thinking about painting is changing. Its not easy. I’ve been painting a lot but nothing that feels good is showing up on the many newly painted canvases in the studio. I’m trying not to get discouraged or stuck. Here is what I like to do when that happens: Invent!

Invention #1

Recycled materials plein air brush holder

Recycled materials plein air brush holder

I sewed a flat holder for my brushes to travel in but it was more like a sail once I got it clipped on my plein air set-up. So I’ve been thinking about what I could use to make a sleek one like the other PAAC plein air friends have. I didn’t want to shell out a lot of $$ and also want to use stuff I save and have around the studio and garage. Voila! Old mailing tubes and some construction adhesive plus a cord = brush holder. I painted it and added a Velcro and webbing strap to keep it closed inside the backpack.

Invention #2

Recycled cardboard canvas holder

Recycled cardboard canvas holder

This is a canvas holder for wet boards. I had a couple spacers laying around from a RayMar holder I have. But it only holds up to 8″ x 10″ boards. So I used the spacers and put them inside a fruit box I cut down and patched the front together with more cardboard. (Can you guess where I get my dog’s food?) A bit of packing tape and some industrial strength Velcro were all the supplies I used. I can put 6 – 11″ x 14″ canvas boards in it and carry it. I didn’t put on a strap handle as I thought that was overkill.

I felt like I was doing something to improve my craft, yet not putting paint on canvas. I also was thinking and processing what is going on inside myself while working. I spent a couple hours total on these two inventions and ended my day in the studio. I feel better today and have a clear head, ready to get painting!


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