Plein Air and Workshop

Painting along Buffalo Creek.

Painting along Buffalo Creek.

I have been on the Front Range (of Colorado) at a Stacey Peterson painting workshop. It was great! I really moved out of my comfort zone and learned a lot. I can feel my painting style moving and me becoming a better artist because of it. I am very happy to have had such a transformative workshop experience with Stacey. She is a great teacher, very experienced in helping her students make measurable progress. She is warm and welcoming and very hospitable. The other members of the class were an enjoyable bunch as well, all working to take that ‘next step’ in their craft.

Sue Plein Air painting along Buffalo Creek

Sue Plein Air painting along Buffalo Creek

I also went Plein Air painting with my best friend, Sue, along Buffalo Creek yesterday. It was a beautiful morning, sunny with a few clouds. By noontime the clouds had moved in and the temperatures dropped.

9" of snow this morning!

9″ of snow this morning!

We awoke to a lot of snow – about 9-10″. We shoveled out the walk and started our day!

Painting next to the truck.

Painting next to the truck.

I am still rounding out my Plein Air kit. I know I need a good portable palette, that’s a big item. I am also figuring out what brushes to take and how to pack everything up into a backpack. My umbrella is really tall as it comes with a pole that stabs into the ground, that is if the ground is soft. Propping rocks would have helped but I just didn’t use mine as it was getting cloudy as the morning proceeded. All and all it was a good couple hours painting. I am going to continue on the little painting tomorrow in the studio.



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