Horse & Painting

Its a good day for me today! I got back on a horse again after shoulder surgery to repair torn biceps tendon in July. 6 1/2 months without a ride. Yikes! Being out in the open spaces near where I live is very inspiring. We even thought we saw 3 condors, they were far and big. But it could have been Golden eagles.

Me riding MFT Cookie

Me riding MFT Cookie

I had to re-paint the one painting that is not drying. I scraped off all the tacky paint and used a different brand of white. I hope it works this time. My Kickstarter patron who is getting this one is a super patient person. (Kudos to you.)

Repainted, again

Repainted, again

Ok, so its DAY 1 in this painting’s drying career. It should be dry to the touch in 7- 10 days. The wet part is the sky right above the very distant mountains: The whitish clouds in the lower right hand section of the sky. I’m not going to touch it until Jan 31. Please slap my hand if you notice me trying. Thanks.


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