A something a little different

I love painting landscapes of the West. I guess you could say I am really enthralled by them. Throw in a few cattle, wildlife or some other focal point and I’m in heaven.

Today I finished a painting that was giving me fits a while back. I just put it on the drying rack and let it ruminate itself. Today I totally changed it into something a little different from what I usually do. Its some sunflowers that were growing in my backyard this summer.

I was recovering from my shoulder surgery during the summer and would sit outside and just watch and contemplate the skies, sunflowers and big rocks in my yard. Eventually I was able to lift a sketchpad and pencil and started on the sunflowers. Then a watercolor or two followed. So naturally an oil painting was not a surprise. But the topic of flowers was.

Surprise, I like it!

Sunflower Showers, 11" x 14" oil painting

Sunflower Showers, 11″ x 14″ oil painting


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