Enter “Name the Painting” contest


OK, so here is my first contest for anyone to enter. Take a look at this painting I just finished this evening and come up with a name for it. I have thought of names for it but decided it was a fun idea for my friends and followers on social media to have a chance to name a painting.

Untitled painting of Mt. Lamborn & Pitkin Mesa

Untitled painting of Mt. Lamborn & Pitkin Mesa

This painting is of Mt. Lamborn – the main mountain – and Coal Mountain behind and to the left of it. The bottom of the painting is Pitkin Mesa, you can see the buildings and also some of the cattle that are in the pastures every fall. They get driven down from the forests on the Grand Mesa and spend a few days to a week on the hay fields, resting and fertilizing until its time for the next portion of their journey. They don’t get moved until the weather starts to get wintery. Which is how it was the day I saw this scene. It had snowed up in the high country but the valley was still in that season where summer turns to fall. Even though it was cloudy, it was still pretty bright outside.

Good luck with the naming of this painting. Just send me a comment and I’ll notify the winner. I must say that the names will be put on small slips of paper and I’ll go to the coffee shop and have some one there pick out the winner.

Your prize will be a little watercolor of mine. I have a few that I have not matted or framed, I’ll show them to you and you’ll get to pick one!

I hope everyone who enters enjoys themselves.

Thanks, Cedar


Hotchkiss Fine Arts Association member exhibition: This is Where We Live

This is Where We Live” an exhibit of art by the Hotchkiss Fine Art Assoc. Please join us in celebrating visions of our valley, along with some “Scandals at the Turn of the Century”.

I will be exhibiting 3 of my watercolors. Please stop in and say hello. Other artworks are also featured. Most of the works will be for sale, mine included.

Blue Sage Center for the Arts
Friday Jan. 30th
All are welcome

Needle Rock II

Late Spring: Lamborn

Adobe Obsession 2

#BlueSage #Paonia, CO #art #cedarkeshetart


Horse & Painting

Its a good day for me today! I got back on a horse again after shoulder surgery to repair torn biceps tendon in July. 6 1/2 months without a ride. Yikes! Being out in the open spaces near where I live is very inspiring. We even thought we saw 3 condors, they were far and big. But it could have been Golden eagles.

Me riding MFT Cookie

Me riding MFT Cookie

I had to re-paint the one painting that is not drying. I scraped off all the tacky paint and used a different brand of white. I hope it works this time. My Kickstarter patron who is getting this one is a super patient person. (Kudos to you.)

Repainted, again

Repainted, again

Ok, so its DAY 1 in this painting’s drying career. It should be dry to the touch in 7- 10 days. The wet part is the sky right above the very distant mountains: The whitish clouds in the lower right hand section of the sky. I’m not going to touch it until Jan 31. Please slap my hand if you notice me trying. Thanks.

A something a little different

I love painting landscapes of the West. I guess you could say I am really enthralled by them. Throw in a few cattle, wildlife or some other focal point and I’m in heaven.

Today I finished a painting that was giving me fits a while back. I just put it on the drying rack and let it ruminate itself. Today I totally changed it into something a little different from what I usually do. Its some sunflowers that were growing in my backyard this summer.

I was recovering from my shoulder surgery during the summer and would sit outside and just watch and contemplate the skies, sunflowers and big rocks in my yard. Eventually I was able to lift a sketchpad and pencil and started on the sunflowers. Then a watercolor or two followed. So naturally an oil painting was not a surprise. But the topic of flowers was.

Surprise, I like it!

Sunflower Showers, 11" x 14" oil painting

Sunflower Showers, 11″ x 14″ oil painting

Dry paintings, how awesome is that!

At last some of the $120 Kickstarter Reward paintings are dry! I varnished them and they are almost dry, still a little tacky. I believe I’ll be able to ship them out in a day or two.

Some varnish options

Some varnish options

I still am having fits with one painting. The pure white area is still tacky even after sitting near the wood stove for 4 days. I am going to contact the paint manufacturer to ask for help. If they have nothing to add, then its time to scrape off that area and re-paint it with a different brand of white. Almost back to the drawing board, as they say.

The brand of paint I am currently using is Grumbacher.

The brand of paint I am currently using is Grumbacher.