Patience is a virtue

“Who Said “Patience Is a Virtue”?” From Your Dictionary .com.

“The first known publishing of the quote “Patiences is a virtue” comes from the poem “Piers Plowman” written between the years 1360 and 1387. Typical of texts from the 14th century, authorship can be debated though literary historians normally attribute most of the text to William Langland. However, there are multiple versions of this poem written at different times with sections believed to be authored by different, unknown people.”

I’m sure we’ve all heard and/or used this saying. It can apply to what I am experiencing with waiting for the oil paintings to dry before varnishing them and sending them out to the Kickstarter patrons who so generously supported me.

I think a lot of the delay in drying has to do with temperature. Its winter and colder than in the summer in my house. My wood stove’s heat doesn’t always reach into the studio. And we have had a long period of cloudy days here, reducing the solar warming coming from the sun room that is attached to the studio. I’ve been keeping the glass door closed but its still a bit chilly in the studio. I’ve been wearing lined carhardt jeans and fleece while painting. Sometimes I even put on my “house hat”.

Gray cloudy day and my snowy driveway and pv panels.

Gray cloudy day and my snowy driveway and pv panels.

One painting in particular is still tacky to touch and a tiny bit of the color comes up if I press on the edge of the painting. I emailed with the manufacturer of the varnish (after that ugly experience of the varnish lifting the paint off the canvas) who informed me of a possible problem. They said that the color I used, titanium white, may not have had enough binder in it or a poor quality binder. So I am going to buy a higher quality titanium white. Its a color that I use a lot of so I really need it to work as it should. The solution for the paintings is just time as it will eventually dry.

So on I go, painting and waiting for the little wet ones to dry. I may be frustrated but at least I feel optimistic about my art!



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