Recipe for Transforming a Place

How do you transform a place from looking at it into a painting?

First take the feeling you get when you are out there and adsorb it. Next grab a sketch pad and outline how the air, light and sound run around in your blood. Then start painting with something basic (watercolors or other plein air paints) to put down what is budding in your psyche. Ferment those feelings and ideas until they bubble over and then wait just a bit more until you can’t sleep for dreaming how you are going to squeeze out the colors on your palette. After that, go into the studio, remember the song the place whispered into your brain, the smells on the breeze and the feelings in your numb fingers. And paint.

Photo looking south at Fruit Growers' Reservoir, Hart's Basin, CO near Eckert.

Photo looking south at Fruit Growers’ Reservoir, Hart’s Basin, CO near Eckert.

12" x 9" Watercolor "Mesa & Marsh"

12″ x 9″ Watercolor “Mesa & Marsh”

14" x 11" oil "Mesa & Marsh"

14″ x 11″ oil
“Mesa & Marsh”

I know my writing is not eloquent and pretty basic,  but it gets my point across.

For this post, let me just say I am happy with the resulting oil painting. Now to patiently let it dry for a month or so.


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