On Retreat – A painting experience

Today is Day 3 of my painting retreat. I’ve been blogging on my Kickstarter page but thought I’d update what’s happening here, too. I’m at my friends’ house in the mountains about an hour southwest of Denver. There is a great huge studio that I have use of while they are away. I’m house sitting, too.

I’ve done a nice little painting of a shady area along the Steven’s Gulch creek where the siphon from the Fire Mountain Canal goes under it. Sounds industrial but it isn’t, its very overgrown and interesting. Steven's Gulch siphon

I also have a few helpers in the studio.


Below are some stages I go through in the creation of a painting. The first one is a value sketch that is the under painting. Then I start laying in the colors and then adding detail. I don’t like the way this little painting is going so I’m going to rework it this morning.


Off to the studio!


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