Reading John Carlson

I’ve been reading John F. Carlson’s Elementary Principles of Landscape Painting. It an old book from 1928.


But its filled with great basic information on putting together a good landscape painting. I keep getting reminded by Mr. Carlson of the things about composition and color that I’ve either forgotten I learned long ago or that I remember I learned but have been ignoring. That is helping me grow as an artist.

This book is filled with really old-fashioned sayings. For example he starts a sentence with Yea! Anon… when he just talked about doing a technique. I figured out it wasn’t Shakespeare but him saying something like ‘Let’s go now’. Which was pretty close. Anon means right away.

DSCF0006Here I am reading and taking notes. I know this book has already helped me by reminding me of what I learned about painting and have been ignoring.


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